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The Eyebrow Experience

Eyebrow artist Stephanie DeSantis believes in providing each of her clients with an experience.  Her serene environment and touch, transcends a typical salon service.  Her eye for symmetry and attention to detail make her one of the most sought after eyebrow artist in the East Coast. Stephanie’s passion for eyebrow designing began 9 years ago when she became a licensed esthetician from The New York School of Esthetics. Brow Shaping was a part of her services provided however, after noticing the attention she was getting from the majority of her clientele for the caretaking of their brows, she decided that she would turn her focus to one single thing: eyebrows. Now for almost ten years Stephanie has been creating customized brow shapes by waxing, tweezing, trimming, tinting and styling them. Her educational approach to showing her clients how to recreate their brows at home has helped clients feel fabulous about their brows in the interim of seeing Stephanie. She is currently back and forth between Los Angeles and New York taming the brows of both coasts.


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